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Burkina Faso / 2015 / Action Against Hunger
The MAM'Out research project after the first NCA Link in Tapoa province, Burkina Faso

One of the first Link NCA was conducted in the Tapoa Province in Burkina Faso, in 2012. This pilot study identified several major hypothetical causes of acute malnutrition among children, of which women financial insecurity.

In order to respond to this causal hypothesis, a multiannual, seasonal unconditional cash transfers intervention was identified by Action Against Hunger mission in Burkina Faso and by nutrition stakeholders in the country and province.

To evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of this intervention on the prevention of acute malnutrition, the research project '' Acute Malnutrition Moderate Out '' (MAM'Out) was implemented from June 2013 to October 2015 in the Tapoa Province.

The brochure details the objectives and methodology of the MAM'Out project, resulting from the results of the NCA Link.

Learn more on the project through these scientific publications:

The MAM’Out project: a randomized controlled trial to assess multiannual and seasonal cash transfers for the prevention of acute malnutrition in children under 36 months in Burkina Faso / 2015 BMC Public Health

Beneficiaries’ perceptions and reported use of unconditional cash transfers intended to prevent acute malnutrition in children in poor rural communities in Burkina Faso / 2016 BMC Public Health

Les résultats sur la prévention de la malnutrition (objectif principal) : Unconditional Cash Transfers Do Not Prevent Children’s Undernutrition in the Moderate Acute Malnutrition Out/ 2017 American Society for Nutrition

Unconditional Seasonal Cash Transfer Increases Intake of High-Nutritional-Value Foods in Young Burkinabe Children/ 2017 American Society for Nutrition

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