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Link NCA Technical Unit - Overview

Link NCA Technical Unit is a collaboration initiative of Action Against France and Action Against Hunger UK, aiming to lead a methodological development of the Link NCA method while ensuring a methodological compliance of Link NCA studies around the world.

Link NCA Technical Unit consists of Technical Advisors with a vast technical experience in nutrition assessments and qualitative research. The Link NCA Technical Unit also includes in-house Link NCA Analysts along a roster of screened qualitative researchers and quantitative survey managers available for potential deployments.   Link NCA Technical Unit has three strategic objectives:
  • To deliver and technically support the Link NCA studies conducted by Action Against Hunger network and partner organisations, upholding the highest quality standards on such studies;
  • To ensure constant improvement of the Link NCA methodology via systematic collection and analysis of learning from conducted Link NCA studies;
  • To strengthen the capacity of local actors, especially universities and health authorities, with regards to the Link NCA methodology.

Link NCA Technical Unit – Scope of Support

Link NCA Technical Unit supports all Action Against Hunger country offices and partners organisations, which desire to undertake a Link NCA study in their areas of intervention.

The support includes, but is not limited to:

  • Formulation of the operational research questions, including the preparation of Terms of Reference, timeline and budget for the planned Link NCA study;
  • Recruitment, management, training and technical backstopping of Link NCA Analysts from the onset of the Link NCA study till the validation of all study deliverables;
  • Full-scale delivery of the Link NCA study, including an in-depth qualitative research and a cross-sectional nutrition survey based on the SMART methodology;
  • Dissemination of Link NCA study results on linknca.org, social media and other appropriate channels;
  • Collection and compilation of methodological and operational learnings for conducted Link NCA studies, including a publication of articles across nutrition knowledge management platforms;
  • Project proposal development based on the findings of Link NCA studies, including a design of Monitoring and Evaluation frameworks for post-Link NCA programming.

Link NCA Technical Unit – How Does It Work?

Link NCA Technical Unit can be reached at link-nca@actioncontrelafaim.org. Send us a brief email explaining your needs and our Technical Advisors will promptly suggest the most appropriate way forward. Alternatively, fill this questionnaire and you will hear from us in no time!

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