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Yobé State, Nangere


© Marie-Noëlle Ottavi
Camel from Niger, Garin Kolo, February 2017

Full Report - Link NCA - Yobé, Nigeria, 2017
Key Messages - Nigeria - Yobe


Marie-Noëlle Ottavi

Managing organization
Action Against Hunger

UK Aid

In the North of Nigeria, economic instability, the drop in agricultural production, climatic change, and, more recently, the armed conflict between Boko Haram have excluded a part of the population from benefitting from the growth of the country.

In the zone under analysis in the State of Yobé, the prevalence rate of global acute malnutrition was recorded as 14.6% and the global chronic malnutrition rate as 68.3% (SMART survey, November 2016).

Out of the major risk factors, the following have been identified:
  • Inadequate breast-feeding practices and premature introduction of supplementary feeding,
  • Unhealthy environment and poor hygiene practices resulting in increased vulnerability to waterborne illnesses,
  • Degradation of food insecurity: shortage of food in the household,
  • Insufficient level of care.

  • Please refer to l’Essentiel to find out more about the information obtained from this study and the recommendations that have been made.

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