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Preparing Link NCA in Nairobi with Concern Worldwide


Concern Worldwide is currently preparing a Link NCA study which will take place in Nairobi, Kenya. The Link NCA Technical Unit (Action Against Hunger-Paris) will be on site from, July 26th to August 5th, in order to support the initial organization of the study. This Link NCA will be carried out in an urban context, in a slum. As the Link NCA methodology was designed to be deployed in rural areas, the Nairobi study will face a number of challenges such as determining qualitative sampling methods. Over the past 2 years several Link NCA’s have been conducted in semi-urbanized zones or in rural areas with an urban center such as in the Philippines (Action Against Hunger-Spain 2014), Uganda (Action Against Hunger-US 2016) or Central Africain Republic (Première Urgence/French Red Cross 2016), where different approaches were tested. Using those experiences, the Link NCA Technical Unit will assist Concern Worldwide to implement the study notably for: defining the studied area within the slum (zoning), identifying entry points into the communities (key actors and site), qualitative sampling and identification of relevant research methods for slum contexts.

While in Nairobi, the Technical Unit will also lead, in collaboration with Concern Worldwide, a technical training workshop for focal points of different organizations operating in the study zone (County members and NGOs). This will be the 2nd training of its type to be held in Kenya. The first workshop took place in February, 2015 in West Pokot County.

This study and technical training are organized as part of the consortium between Action Against Hunger-France, Action Against Hunger-US, Concern Worldwide and International Medical Corps and are funded by OFDA.

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