Samangan Province / 2015/16
by Action Against Hunger France (SIDA)

This Link NCA was carried out in the Dari Suf Bala District of the Samangan province, Afghanistan. SAM levels are especially a concern in the Samangan province, (a rate of 4.4% was recorded in 2013) although stunting is also a major issue even though rates have fallen in recent years. A 60.5% stunting rate was found by the NNS 2004, and there was a 47.1% rate in 2013 according to the National Nutrition Survey. The main objective of the Link NCA was to identify the main causes of chronic (stunting) and acute (wasting) malnutrition in the district of Dari Suf Bala for children 0-59 months. The Link NCA suffered numerous setbacks due to security concerns and climatic events. The Link NCA was forced to change districts and finally was only able to study one cluster because of security problems. The study was ultimately a success however due in large part to the acceptance of ACF by the local community who had already worked with the organization and the adaptation of the Link NCA team.

Link NCA full report Samangan Afghanistan