Abdi District, Ouaddai Region / 2015
by International Medical Corps (OFDA)

This Link NCA was carried out in the Abdi district of the Ouaddai region in eastern Chad, amid a nutrition crisis. A SMART survey conducted in 2014 determined that this district has some of the highest rates of undernutrition in the Sahel region. Prior experiences confirmed that the principal factors contributing to malnutrition were linked to structural issues and questions of chronic underdevelopment, yet inadequate infant feeding practices, high prevalence of infantile illnesses (diarrhea, malaria), poor access to medical centers/care, inadequate therapeutic practices, poor access to potable water sources, inadequate hygiene practices, insufficient agricultural production and high maternal workload were all confirmed to be major risk factors for undernutrition in the district by the Link NCA.

Full report Link NCA Ouaddai region, Tchad (in french) Case Study, Ouaddai Region, Abdi District, Tchad 2015/2016