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Sénégal / Mauritanie

Matam region and Gorgol region - Walo transborder area


Rapport complet - Link NCA - Matam et Gorgol / Zone transfrontalière Sénégal-Mauritanie, 2017
Essentiel - Link NCA - Matam et Gorgol / Zone transfrontaliere Senegal Mauritanie, 2017


Emilie Buttarelli

Managing organization
Acción contra el Hambre ACF- WARO: West African Region Office of Action Against Hunger

ECHO: European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operation AFD: Agence Française de Développement

This cross-border region of Walo was chosen to lead an NCA Link because, despite the actions carried out by the Mauritanian and Senegalese authorities and their partners, the problem of undernutrition is persistent and has regularly exceeded the emergency thresholds during the last 10 years, particularly at the Mali-Senegal-Mauritania border. In the last two nutrition surveys SMART Mauritanie and SMART Senegal (2015), the results showed the persistence of the nutritional crisis and its disparity by region since 2010 (EDS 2010). Indeed, in the Matam region, the prevalence of GAM was 16.5% [14.0 - 19.3 95% CI] 1 (highest rate at country level for 5 years), including a SAM rate. 3.0% [2.3 - 4.0 95% CI]. In the Gorgol region, MAG and SAM amount to 19.8% [16.5 - 23.6 IC.] 2 and 2.3% [1.4 - 3.5 IC.], Respectively. which also ranks among one of the highest rates in Mauritania. Globally, GAM rates are well above the emergency threshold of 15%, similar to WHO rates set by WHO. Risk factors identified as major during the study:
  • Low productivity and agricultural, pastoral and halieutic valorization
  • Management of water resources, land, pastoral and halieutic
  • Household and local government strategy not adapted to cope with the repetition of shocks
  • Non-optimal ANJE practices
  • Nutritional status of pregnant and lactating women
  • Limited access to health services (physical and financial)
  • Unsuitable personal and collective hygiene practices
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