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Belle-Anse Arrondissement, Sud-Est department


Rapport complet - Link NCA - Belle-Anse, Haiti,2017
Essentiel- Link NCA - Belle-Anse, Haiti, 2017


Lenka Blanárová

Managing organization
Action contre la Faim Action Against Hunger

ECHO: European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operation

The preliminary results of the SMART survey conducted in May-June 2016 show the highest rate of Global Acute Malnutrition (GAM) (8.3%) in the Southeast Department of the Island. The analysis of the collected data revealed the existence of pockets of malnutrition at communes and / or communal sections level with a rate of MAG exceeding 20% in Marigot, Bainet or Iron Odds and a rate of global chronic malnutrition (GCM). over 40% in Marigot, Cayes Jacmel or Belle Anse, twice the acceptable threshold of WHO.

Among the major risk factors, low agricultural productivity and lack of financial resources feed into a two-way link that limits households' ability to meet family needs. Declining household income encourages the migration of household heads to other cities in Haiti and / or the Dominican Republic, which in itself decreases the household's agricultural productivity due to a lack of labor and increases the work overload in the household.

This work overload of women may be considered as a central risk factor due to its impact on breastfeeding practices, infant and young child feeding practices, care and / or hygiene and sanitation practices.

Hygiene and sanitation are also influenced by poor access to water, which together with poor access to health care, are two major bottlenecks responsible for the high prevalence of childhood diseases.

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