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Challenges and dilemmas in the implementation of ethical standards in humanitarian programmes


© Gwenaelle Luc pour Action contre la Faim
Feedback workshop of a Link NCA study in Tchad, Ouaddai region, 2015
Gwenaëlle Luc-Menichelli has conducted several Link NCA studies (Chad, DRC, Kenya). She is currently Link NCA technical support officer within the Link NCA technical unit at Action Against Hunger. From her experience in the humanitarian sector and as a specialist of the Link NCA, she has written an article on ethical principles in humanitarian programs published in the journal "Humanitarian Alternatives".

In this article devoted to ethics, the autor ploughs the furrow of an approach to humanitarianism that is respectful as possible of the populations. Establishing the link with the previous contributions she strives to confront even more the rules of ethics with their implementation.

Reference: Gwenaëlle Luc-Menichelli, “Challenges and dilemmas in the implementation of ethical standards in humanitarian programmes”, Humanitarian Alternatives, n°4, March 2017, p. 104-117


ISBN of the article (PDF): 978-2-37704-195-4

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